Enabling True Pay-As-You-Drive

Reduced premiums for consumers.  Reduced claims exposure for carriers.  

Low-touch, technology driven mileage validation, without the need for telematics!

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Finally the Time has Come

Since 1927, independent studies have shown that PAYD is an optimal model for insurance application - however the lack of a technical solution for true mileage validation kept it from becoming a reality! Technology barriers have finally een knocked down – now is the time!

Market is Ready 

Regulators & Consumers

People are driving less today, yet paying insurance premiums for large annual mileage. At the same time, consumers want products tailored to their own behaviour and lifestyle, and this underserved market presents a golden opportunity.  Regulators have also welcomed PAYD solutions, due to the clear benefits to consumers.

Low Program Cost 

Affordable innovation

Early programs were saddled with costly telematics devices to accomplish mileage validation – this was a sledgehammer for a nail approach. For true PAYD, telematics is too costly an overhead. Ask about our simple, technology-driven solution that enables PAYD at the fraction of the cost of telematics.

Simple Integration

Robust & Flexible

Easy to integrate with 3Tree’s API-based service - little to no development required, depending on your specific requirements. Easy for consumers – simple, non-intrusive mileage readings requiring with no hardware required to be installed in the vehicle. This is key to consumer adoption!

Modern Integration Options

The CITYPAYD service is totally configurable to your program needs.

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Global Focus on Public Transit

Most major governments are investing heavily into transit infrastructures.  In Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Victoria continue to experience massive increases in transit usage.  What does this mean?  Cars are sitting unused during work days, while commuters spend their time on trains, subways and buses. 

Consumer Sophistication 

Consumers are seeking out products that meet with their unique lifestyles - the PAYD market is open for business now, and being able to provide a program that does not require telematics will be a huge advantage.