Transit is a Priority Around the Globe

Congestion in most urban areas have led to increased ridership for all major transit systems.  In Ontario, both the GTA and Ottawa regions have major service upgrades underway to service the increased population base that now rely on transit as the method of commuting.  Commute time, parking availability and cost, an amalgamated urban area that often necessitates significant distance between home and office all combine to force the issue with transit usage.

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Product Innovation for the Modern World

Our society is changing, and our insurance products have not kept up. In Ontario, investment has become steady into public transit, and how people use the automobiles they insure have changed significantly.  Daily, vehicles are left without road exposure while policyholders commute to work by train, subway and bus.  Products have come to market in some jurisdications that recognize this evolution of the policyholder, but rely on telematics devices being installed in cars.  Policyholders in Canada have historically not been receptive to behaviour tracking via telematics device.  The overhead to administer a telematics program is also only worthwhile if your program is actually driven by driver behaviour.  Pure PAYD only requires mileage tracking, which can be administerd simply, without the need for a telematics device.

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