GTA Statistics

  • 200,000 GO trips per day
  • 100,000 unique GO passengers a day to Union
  • 60% of these passengers drive to their home station
  • 5 KM average commute radius to station, making their yearly commute KMs less than 2,500
  • 43% Increase in GO ridership forecasted by Metrolinx over 10 years (4.1%/year)

Montreal Statistics

  • Ridership grew in 2017 to a record 429.5 Million trips
  • Montreal is third busiest transit system behind Mexico City and NYC
  • 260M boardings in 2017...up 4% YoY.
  • 36% of Montrealer's, 42%of downtown Montrealer's use transit during morning rush
  • In 2013, 66% of all trips downtown were by public transit
  • While the metro covers 500km sq and - pop of 2million , people come from an area of 8000km sq

Ottawa Statistics

  • 96.5 passengers served by OC Transpo in 2016
  • 320,000 average weekly ridership
  • O-Train Confederation Line has a planned peak capacity of 10,700 passengers per hour
  • $2.1B invested into the O-Train line
  • Ottawa has the highest ridership per capita of any city its size in North America

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